February Students & Faculty of the Month

Congratulations to these fine folk who are the recipients of the February Students and Faculty Member awards! Not only do these students have what it takes to be successful in the classroom, they are just all around goodhearted and good natured individuals. It is with great pride that I introduce them to you and allow you to get to know them a little better.

Our female student of the month is Miss Stephanie Gibson. She is the Senior daughter of Staci and Brock Caudle and Dale Gibson. A few of her favorites are chocolate chip cookies and Canadian bacon pizza from Baker's Pizza. Her favorite TV show is Friends and her favorite movie is Get Out. Stephanie's favorite vacation is to Cancun, she loves dogs and summer. Her favorite sport is basketball or softball and she loves to shop at Target. If money were no object, Stephanie would be cruising around in a Range Rover or G-Wagon. The teacher that nominated Stephanie had the following to say, "She comes to school everyday and studies harder than any student I have". She is definitely an all around great student, who has a bright future ahead of her! Congratulations, Stephanie!

Brendon Moore is our male student of the month. He is the Sophomore son of Stephanie and Marty Moore. His favorite cookie is chocolate chip and his favorite pizza is pepperoni. You will catch Brendon watching the Eric Andre Show and Star Wars. His favorite vacation is a cruise and his favorite season is winter. His dream car would be a Corvette. Brendon's favorite thing about school is his friends. On Valentine's Day, Brendon wanted to ensure that each member of the Sophomore class received something, so he sent each one of them a candy gram. How sweet is that? His teachers had the following to say about him, "He makes me smile everyday, he always thinks about everyone else, he's very thoughtful, and he also calls out classmates for unsavory words". What wonderful statements made about him and his character. Congratulations, Brendon!

Mrs. Carllan Lane is the Faculty Member for the month of February. She is the daughter of Cecil and Doris Henderson and the wife to Tommy Lane. Her favorite thing about America is the freedom to serve God and country. Her favorite things to watch are Love It or List It and Doris Day movies. Her favorite animal is her schnauzer, Prissy. Her favorite seasons are spring and fall and she loves shoes! Her favorite thing about school are the kids and her co-workers/friends. Mrs. Lane's dream car would be a 1958 convertible Camaro. Mrs. Lane is always lending a hand to help students and colleagues in our building.

When you see these Savages out and about in the community and at school events, be sure to tell them congratulations and thank them for representing Wynnewood High School like they do. We are very proud of you! Thank you for setting an example for all of us in the way that you conduct yourselves at WHS! Congrats, once again!