School Closing

Good Afternoon, Folks,

Earlier this morning the State Board of Education voted to close the doors of our brick and mortar buildings for the remainder of the school year.  Our doors might be shut, but our school year isn’t over yet.  The State Department of Education has mandated that all Oklahoma Public School Districts provide some form of distance learning to their students.  Please note:  Distance learning does not equal virtual learning.  Our principals and teachers have started discussing what that distance learning plan will look like for our students, PK-12.  With very few exceptions, their plans will not require our students to have devices and an internet connection in order to do their work.  We serve everyone or we serve no one.  Equity matters. 

It will take much thought and collaborative discussion before our principals and teachers have their plans ready to roll out to our students and families.  We hope to share all of our plans by the close of business next Thursday, April 2nd

We will be updating you frequently over the next week on various important issues.  We are waiting for clarification from the state department on several items.  Sometimes it takes longer than we like, but it’s important that we publish accurate information.  As always, thank you for your patience as we navigate through this difficult time.  Please don’t hesitate to call us if you need us, or if you have any questions.



Tim Simpson