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Our Vision

The Wynnewood Public School District will direct and utilize its resources to cultivate and foster a sense of independence, accountability, and passion for learning in our students so that in their pursuit of health and happiness, they have the tools necessary to live their best lives possible.

Our Mission

Through meaningful relationships and high expectations as well as rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning opportunities that focus on their physical, emotional, social, and academic development, our students will experience well-rounded, continuous growth while pursuing their educational goals.

A Day in the Life

why wynnewood?

Working for Wynnewood Public Schools has been a fantastic experience. We are like a family. The administration is always very supportive!

Bridget Goodknight  

   HS Aeronautics, English Teacher


As a new teacher in Wynnewood Public School, I feel supported not only by my co-workers and administration but also the parents and the community. The district offers great opportunities to each and every student that walks in their doors. Expectations are set high and the success of EVERY single student is a commitment here at WPS.

Allison Martin  

   Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


I have worked here since around 2003 and plan to stay until I retire. This supportive work atmosphere promotes growth and encourages teachers to improve their craft. Since coming here, I've taken on different challenges such as acquiring a master's degree and becoming AP certified and the administration has supported my growth. We are a family and we love our kids. We push them to do their best and grow into their path so they can succeed. We are constantly working to improve our strategies. The administration recognizes that our student population is dynamic and we must continue to grow and meet the ever-changing needs of the student.

Brenda Callaway  

   HS Algebra I, Geometry, Math of Finance, Creative Writing Teacher


Working at the high school feels like working with family. We are like any other family, we have our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, we value each other and care greatly about our students. In May, I will have taught here for 32 years and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

Teresa Trett  

   HS Computer Applications/Accounting/Desktop Publishing Teacher


About Wynnewood

Wynnewood is a city in Garvin County, Oklahoma. It is 67 miles south of Oklahoma City. The townsite of Wynnewood began in 1886 as a small settlement in Indian Territory near the Washita River, previously known as Cherokee Town. The community was originally named “Walner” after its founding father John Walner, a merchant who opened the first store after hearing plans of the incoming railroad. With the institution of the Gulf, Colorado and Sante Fe Railroad in the spring of 1887, the town rapidly transformed from a "tent city" into a thriving town. It was later renamed “Wynnewood” by the residential railroad men, after their hometown in Pennsylvania. Even today, many of the first town buildings such as the hotel, bank and shops still stand in the downtown area, giving us a present glimpse into Wynnewood’s historic past. The name became official on April 6, 1887.

Wynnewood grew quickly as a market center. A promotional brochure produced around 1907 dubbed Wynnewood "the Queen City of the Famous Washita Valley."

For many years, the local economy was based on agriculture. Principal crops in the early 20th century included pecans, peaches, corn, wheat, oats, alfalfa, cotton and clover. A cottonseed oil company and four cotton gins supported the cotton industry.

The local petroleum industry blossomed in Garvin County during the second decade of the 20th century. The Texas Pacific Coal and Oil Company built an oil refinery in Wynnewood during 1922–23. Kerr-McGee Company bought the refinery in 1950. By 1957, employment at the refinery was about equal to all other employment in the Wynnewood vicinity. The Gary-Williams Energy Corporation bought the facility in 1995. In 2012, noted investor Carl Icahn announced that he had bought a controlling interest in CVR industries, which owned the 70,000 barrel per day refinery (BPD) at Wynnewood and a 115,000 BPD refinery at Coffeyville, Kansas. The Wynnewood refinery was one of only five operating in Oklahoma as of 2015. The Wynnewood Refining Company continues to produce gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and other petroleum products for the Mid-Continent area, while providing local economic stability.

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