Community engagement and input is an important resource regarding the implementation of the District's ARP/ESSER III plan and budget. We are holding a community engagement meeting in the high school library at 6:30pm or immediately following the regular school board meeting on Thursday, April 14, 2022 to discuss and receive input regarding the District’s ARP/ESSER III plan and budget for the 2022-2023 school year.
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Due to the high probability of hazardous road conditions tomorrow morning, Wynnewood Public Schools will be closed and will remain in distance/virtual learning Friday, February 24th.
3 months ago, Tim Simpson
Due to the incoming inclement weather, Wynnewood Public Schools will transition to virtual/distance learning Wednesday, February 23 and Thursday, February 24. Students will come home today with information regarding their assignments and how to contact their teachers if they need help. Stay safe, folks.
3 months ago, Tim Simpson
Good afternoon, folks, After watching the local weather maps and models predict the effect of the upcoming weather systems and receiving information from the National Weather Center in Norman, Wynnewood Public Schools will be closed Wednesday through Friday. All school related activities and practices are canceled through Friday. These will be virtual/distance learning days, which means our students have been sent home with assignments from each of their teachers. Students will have instructions and information on how to reach their teachers if they need any help with any of their work over the next three days. If you need to reach a principal or someone at the central office, please call and leave a message, and it will be forwarded to that individual’s cell phone. Your phone call will be returned as soon as possible. With the windchill, it is going to get bitterly cold over the next few days. If you need warm clothing for anyone in your household, please call a principal or me, and we will do our best to provide what you need. Check on your neighbors, especially if they are elderly. Be safe, folks. Kind regards, Tim Simpson Superintendent, Wynnewood Public Schools
4 months ago, Tim Simpson
Please vote yes for this important NON-TAX RAISING bond issue on Tuesday, February 8th. Your support of our students and our school district is ALWAYS appreciated!
4 months ago, Tim Simpson
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It might be cold outside, but around our school district things start heating up this time of year. Our basketball teams are making their push toward playoffs; spring sports are working hard behind the scenes preparing for the upcoming season; our Ag students are busy taking care of and showing their livestock; band and academic meets are in full swing; and our teachers and students are working hard in their classrooms! The COVID Omicron variant is trying to take us down, but by each of us practicing some common-sense safety measures sprinkled with some good old-fashioned grit and resilience, we’ll come through this challenge stronger than ever. Life has a way of knocking us to our knees every now and then, but it never stops moving forward and neither should we. Five years ago, our Wynnewood citizens voted for the safety and welfare of our communities’ children by passing a $560,000 transportation bond issue that allowed the school district to replace all of its route buses. A renewal of that bond will be on the ballot and up for approval on the February 8th election. An important piece to this election is that THERE IS NO PROJECTED TAX INCREASE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS BOND ISSUE. We have worked hard to be transparent and good stewards of tax payer money, and we hope that you have been able to see all the improvements to our programs, buildings, and facilities. We also hope you see how hard we are working to take care of all the equipment and resources that we already have. Since this is a renewal of the bond issue passed five years ago, this current bond issue is also for $560,000. With this particular bond, the money it generates can only be spent in two different areas: 1. Technology for students and teachers. 2. Vehicles used to transport students. When you go to the polls on Tuesday, February 8th, the $560,000 bond issue will be separated into two different propositions. Proposition 1 is for technology totaling $210,000. These funds will be used to replace outdated and unusable computers in the elementary school computer lab and in our secondary computer lab at the high school. Both of those labs are critically needed for student use. Those funds will also be used to replace broken or unrepairable student Chromebooks as well as outdated Smartboard technology across the district. The old Smartboard projectors and screens will be replaced with single monitor SmartTV technology. Proposition 2 is for student transportation totaling $350,000. These funds will be used to replace two activity buses that are over 13 years old with over 100,000 miles. These buses are on the road almost every day of the week throughout the entire year, including summer. Those funds are also desperately needed to replace our two 14 passenger student activity vans that are both over 14 years old with over 140,000 miles. The equipment and vehicles that we need to purchase with the money from this bond issue are used almost every single day that school is in session. The technology will help keep us up to speed with the digital demands that come with educating students in the 21st century, and the vehicles will allow us to continue to transport our students safely. We need a 60% majority to pass this bond issue, so on February 8, 2022, please come out and VOTE YES to both propositions. Also remember that voting yes and passing both propositions will not raise your taxes a single penny. As a city, we might argue politics and fuss about the price of gas and electricity, but this community never fails to support its children and school district, and that is not something that every community can say. If you have any questions about the bond issue or the propositions, please feel free to email me at or call me at 405-665-2004 or just stop by the office. #OneTownOneTribe
4 months ago, Tim Simpson
Good eveining, Wynnewood Public Schools' Families: We are aware of and following the social media challenge circulating on TikTok called "The December 17th Challenge" or "The National Shoot-up Your School Day." While the challenge is not specific to our school district or any of our buildings (this is a nationwide issue), we take all threats to our staff and students seriously. Our police department led by Chief Ken Moore will have a presence in each one of buildings tomorrow. We appreciate their willingness to help us bring some peace of mind to our Wynnewood families. Thank you.
5 months ago, Tim Simpson
Watch Wynnewood Savage Basketball games live streamed on our YouTube channel. You can be a part of the action from anywhere! Click the link or search Wynnewood Basketball Don't forget to subscribe.
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Red Ribbon Week
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Wynnewood Public Schools is accepting applications for a temporary full time custodial worker in our middle school. This position will probably run through December but could extend past that and possibly turn into a permanent position. The working hours are 10:00am - 6:30pm. We would like to fill this position as soon as possible. Common sense, honesty, and a good work ethic is expected. Applications can be picked up at the superintendent’s office, which is located at the east end of the high school (702 E Kerr Blvd). For more information or if you have any questions, please contact middle school Principal Byron Mooney at 405-665-4105.
9 months ago, Tim Simpson
ATTENTION: Changes to the location for Graduation this Saturday!
12 months ago, Wynnewood High School
Graduation Changes
Remember to signup for Summer Pride! It is FREE!!🏈🥎⚾🏀⛳🎳
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Summer Pride
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At this time, we are without water due to a water main break in town. We do not have a timeline for repair. If possible, we are asking parent/guardians to pickup their children. We are unable to provide adequate water service for bathrooms or drinking. If you are unable to pickup your children, we will do our best to continue service for those that remain. Busses will still run at the end of the day. Thank you for your understanding.
about 1 year ago, WMS
This is a great opportunity for our qualifying families! The application deadline is August 4, 2021, but the sooner you apply, the sooner you can take advantage of the benefits.
about 1 year ago, Tim Simpson
Summer EBT Flyer
**EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY** Wynnewood Schools has an immediate opening for a cook at our elementary school. We are looking for an honest, dependable person with a good work ethic who takes pride in his or her work and cares about kids. If interested or would like more information, please contact Misty Brown at 405-238-8564, or you can email her at
about 1 year ago, Tim Simpson
**IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR OUR INCOMING PRESCHOOLERS** Wynnewood Public Schools has been afforded a wonderful opportunity for our incoming preschoolers. At no charge to our district or our families, we are able to offer our preschool students the chance to participate in the Waterford Upstart school readiness program. Those who register for the program will receive a laptop computer, the Upstart software, internet service (if necessary), and a personal Upstart program coach. Not only does the program build academic skills, but on average, students who complete the program enter kindergarten reading at almost a first grade level!. Please visit our website for much more information. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Superintendent Tim Simpson at 405-665-2004. Visit to reserve your child’s spot or call 888-982-9898. Please take advantage of this great opportunity! Have a great day!
about 1 year ago, Tim Simpson
Good morning! Wynnewood schools is strongly considering dividing the overflow parking area south of the middle school into two separate garden areas. One to be used as a district garden and the other to be used as a community garden. We would assign garden plots to residents who would like to grow their own vegetables, berries, and/or flowers. There would be a water supply and tools available. There are many, many details to work out, but before we move forward, we need to make sure there is enough community interest and support to justify the project. As a Wynnewood resident, is this something you would like to see in our community?
about 1 year ago, Tim Simpson
Yearbook order deadline is right around the corner. This has been an eventful year and the yearbook staff has done their best to record it: from the delay of school due to COVID, to the first week blackout, to the Arctic Blast! Be sure to order yours soon. Deadline for orders is May 14th. History like this only happens "Once in a Blue Moon". Order forms are in each school's office, or you can order on the Wynnewood Public Schools website.
about 1 year ago, Wynnewood High School
Yearbook Cover
Good Afternoon! Wynnewood schools will continue with virtual learning for the remainder of the week and will start back in person on Monday, February 22nd. Please do not hesitate to reach out to a teacher, your building principal, or me if you have any questions or needs. Please be careful and stay safe.
over 1 year ago, Tim Simpson
Good Afternoon, Folks, I want to get this out to you early enough so that you have time to plan and make arrangements if needed. Wynnewood Schools will be virtual Monday - Wednesday. As we get closer to Thursday, we will determine whether or not we can come back to school. Have a plan in place for the whole week just in case. If you need anything, remember to call or email your child's building principal or me if you need anything, especially food or warm clothing. I don't mind getting out in this stuff and making deliveries. My cell phone number is 440-935-8134. We definitely don't want anyone to be cold or hungry, and I am not just talking about the kids. Check on your senior neighbors and make sure they are okay. If they need something, text me or give me a call. Let your water drip steady from any faucets that are on an outside wall tonight and tomorrow night for sure, and open up your cabinets underneath your faucets before you go to bed. That will allow a little heat to get around those pipes. I tell my wife all the time that dogs are people, too (of course she just rolls her eyes at me), so remember to bring your pets inside or at least make sure they have adequate shelter and a way to stay warm over the next few days. Everyone please stay safe and warm.
over 1 year ago, Tim Simpson