Yearbook order deadline is right around the corner. This has been an eventful year and the yearbook staff has done their best to record it: from the delay of school due to COVID, to the first week blackout, to the Arctic Blast! Be sure to order yours soon. Deadline for orders is May 14th. History like this only happens "Once in a Blue Moon". Order forms are in each school's office, or you can order on the Wynnewood Public Schools website.
10 days ago, Wynnewood High School
Yearbook Cover
Good Afternoon! Wynnewood schools will continue with virtual learning for the remainder of the week and will start back in person on Monday, February 22nd. Please do not hesitate to reach out to a teacher, your building principal, or me if you have any questions or needs. Please be careful and stay safe.
about 2 months ago, Tim Simpson
Good Afternoon, Folks, I want to get this out to you early enough so that you have time to plan and make arrangements if needed. Wynnewood Schools will be virtual Monday - Wednesday. As we get closer to Thursday, we will determine whether or not we can come back to school. Have a plan in place for the whole week just in case. If you need anything, remember to call or email your child's building principal or me if you need anything, especially food or warm clothing. I don't mind getting out in this stuff and making deliveries. My cell phone number is 440-935-8134. We definitely don't want anyone to be cold or hungry, and I am not just talking about the kids. Check on your senior neighbors and make sure they are okay. If they need something, text me or give me a call. Let your water drip steady from any faucets that are on an outside wall tonight and tomorrow night for sure, and open up your cabinets underneath your faucets before you go to bed. That will allow a little heat to get around those pipes. I tell my wife all the time that dogs are people, too (of course she just rolls her eyes at me), so remember to bring your pets inside or at least make sure they have adequate shelter and a way to stay warm over the next few days. Everyone please stay safe and warm.
2 months ago, Tim Simpson
Please note!!
2 months ago, Wynnewood High School
Please note!!
Good Morning, Folks! I am all but certain that school will be in session tomorrow. Next week doesn't look as certain, but Oklahoma weather can turn on a dime, so we'll wait and see what it looks like on Sunday going in to Monday. We will be making sure that our students are going home with their devices tomorrow. If we have to miss school, the days we miss will be virtual learning days. I just want to give you a chance to think about child care if we have to be out for a couple days or more. Even when we are out, if you call and leave a message, the voice recording will be sent to our email inboxes, and we'll be able to get back to you and address the problem. If you find yourself in need of any winter clothing such as coats, hats, gloves, etc. for your kids, please send me (Tim Simpson), your building principal, or your child's teacher a text message, an email, or a voice message so that we can help. It's going to get very cold very soon. Please let us know if there is anything else that we might be able to help you with if needed. I hope the rest of your day goes well.
2 months ago, Tim Simpson
Get you chore lists ready, moms and dads. There are always things to pickup, floors to sweep and mop, dishes to be done and laundry to be folded and put away! Wynnewood Schools will be closed again tomorrow because of the potentially hazardous driving conditions. Make use of the free labor before they move out. Y'all stay warm and safe.
2 months ago, Tim Simpson
Because of very hazardous road conditions in town as well as our rural roads, Wynnewood Public Schools will be closed today and all school activities are canceled. This is NOT a virtual day. No assignments will be given. It is just considered an inclement weather day. Stay safe.
2 months ago, Tim Simpson
Valentine Candy Gram fundraiser!
3 months ago, Wynnewood High School
Valentine Candy Grams
!! REMINDER !! Virtual practice days have been cancelled for the remainder of the year. Tomorrow is a regular late-start Wednesday. Thank you and have a great evening!
3 months ago, Tim Simpson
Senior Night tonight!! We have about 40 extra tickets. These will be at the gate tonight, which will open at 5:30 pm. Thank you!
3 months ago, Wynnewood High School
Basketball Game Info!
From our Wynnewood School family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus, and don't forget rule #4, kids: Festivus isn't over until the head of the household gets pinned.
4 months ago, Tim Simpson
Merry Christmas
Happy  Festivus
Due to COVID-19 related issues, there will be no high school girls basketball game tonight. JV Boys will play at 5:00 pm and Varsity boys at 6:30 pm.
4 months ago, Wynnewood High School
Good morning, Folks, There seems to be a rumor going around that we are closing the elementary school down due to COVID-19 related issues. That is not true. We have some students and staff that have tested positive over the past few weeks, and we have quarantined some students due to contact tracing. Building and district wide we have had many more students out either in isolation or quarantine than we currently do right now. I don't have our current numbers available right now, but I will post them tomorrow. We are seeing some of the effects from Thanksgiving break, but as of now, we see no reason to shut down any of our buildings or facilities. Have a great day!
4 months ago, Tim Simpson
Tonight our high school varsity basketball season begins with us hosting Alex. The girls game begins at 6:30pm, and the boys play at 8:00pm. At this time we are not limiting attendance or mandating masks; however, we encourage our spectators to wear a mask when not seated and to socially distance if possible. We will be livestreaming both varsity games, which you can access in two ways: 1. In the address bar of any device, type and press enter. 2. Download the Skordle app to any mobile device. Thank you for supporting Wynnewood School District and our student-athletes.
5 months ago, Tim Simpson
Come out and support your Lady Savages and Savages tonight!!
5 months ago, Wynnewood High School
Basketball Game!
Good Morning! I apologize for not communicating much lately. My wife and I both tested positive for COVID-19 a few weeks ago, and I didn't do a very good job of keeping up with everything. My girls in the office and our District staff, however, did a wonderful job with the day-to-day operations. It's humbling to realize just how expendable I really am. Lol. It's also very comforting and gratifying to know that we have such capable and trustworthy people working in our District. Here are our latest COVID-19 numbers: ES - 2 positive cases (4th graders) and 29 in quarantine as a result of contact tracing for various reasons. MS - 1 positive case (6th grader) and 30 in quarantine as a result of contact tracing for various reasons. HS - 1 positive case (11th grader) and 2 in quarantine as a result of contact tracing for various reasons. I'd like to close this message by taking a moment to brag on our parents. I made 32 phone calls yesterday afternoon to inform parents in each of our buildings that their son or daughter would have to begin quarantining based on investigations performed by the health department. Not a single parent responded negatively or argued the mandate. Everyone was kind and understanding. I really cannot begin to describe how grateful we are to work with parents and a community who work so hard to show us patience and grace. We know the stress and inconvenience that these issues cause you. We love you guys and our kids. Thank you for working with us and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Tim Simpson, Supt.
5 months ago, Tim Simpson
Good evening, Due to the chance of hazardous driving conditions tomorrow morning, Tuesday will be a virtual learning day. Staff and students will not report to school/work. We will still have our regularly scheduled virtual day on Wednesday, Coaches will be reach out to their players regarding practices/events scheduled for tomorrow and Wednesday. Have a great night and stay safe.
6 months ago, Tim Simpson
5th/6th grade Lindsey basketball tournament has been cancelled for the week.
6 months ago, Wynnewood Public Schools
If you have a few extra minutes this afternoon at 4:30pm, please give us a look as we are proud to offer live streaming of today's varsity academic meet vs Elmore City. This is a great opportunity for friends, family, and community members to watch an event they might not normally get to see in person. Anyone can view our live streamed events on any device by going to WYNNEWOODSAVAGES.TV This link can also be found on our website.
7 months ago, Tim Simpson
Virtual Day!!
7 months ago, Wynnewood Public Schools
Virtual Day